Monday, July 16, 2012

"Miss Maryland Mallard"

             *If you click on the picture then right click on the "view" then you can zoom in.

Just finished "Miss Maryland Mallard".....I decided I love painting water and I love painting what better than a duck in water?  I spent a wonderful day with daughter Emily in downtown Annapolis and took a bunch of photos of the, what seemed to be, plain 'ol brown ducks swimming around "Ego Alley".  If you don't know what "Ego Alley" is, it is an area of the bay that juts into the town of Annapolis and supposedly if you want to show off your beautiful boat for all to see, then you float into "Ego Alley".  The water that day had a hint of violet and amazingly those plain brown ducks looked so luminous and colorful.  The different shades of browns captured my eyes.....and I'm a big fan of the color brown....just look at my wardrobe!

                               Oh my gosh, I DO look like a mallard!!

Anyway.....I love the colors that brown can contain......violets, blues, pinks and yellows......and she sure is strutting her stuff......the duck I mean....not me.  Reminded me of the runway of a beauty contest.....hence the name "Miss Maryland Mallard".  I had fun....hope to do more.....God willing of course!  I am making prints of this painting for $75.00 each, if you're interested, contact me.