Monday, April 7, 2014

Female Cardinal Painting

Starting a cardinal painting.  I liked this picture because of the lighting.  I will post the photo so you can see it.  The background is painted wet in wet.  I used a very concentrated mix of maroon perylene and ultramarine blue.  I also used ultramarine while continuing down the picture.  Then adding the dark into it.  I used raw sienna in the lower left corner and then spattered the picture with it and with the dark.  I spattered a little towards the top with the maroon very diluted.  When that dried I started working on the bird.  I started wet in wet everything above the perch.  I put yellow ochre lightly throughout the bird and very lightly near the belly where it's lighter.  Pay particular attention to leave  a little white space on the top of her head....that will give a nice backlit effect.  I used some burnt sienna to put the sienna tones in the upper breast area.  While it's all still wet I also added cadmium red within the sienna a little and adding it to the tip of the head and around the eye.  I mixed sap green and a little cad red together and worked that into the head area.  The deep violet mix that I used for the background, I also used for the dark around the beak area.  I also used it for the dot of the eye.
I dried everything and then reworked those same colors over again, keeping the breast area the original wash color and trying not to go into it too much.  I did use a little wash of azo yellow or winsor yellow around the breast area to brighten it up a bit.  More later.
I changed the background to include more texture and not make it quite so dark.

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