Thursday, April 24, 2014


The metal part of the feeder has all the colors in it the we used for the bird.  It's metal, so it is reflecting all those colors.  I painted the metal wet on wet and only wetting that outer part....taking it in sections, since there are some light areas I want to protect.  I chose not to mask out anything.  You don't want to paint the white edges on the left...keep that white, although there is some color in it.  I can't really tell you how to paint this, but the colors I used were .....for the dark, ultramarine and maroon perylene (more on the blue side), the green which is sap and maroon again, and I used alizarin for the red reflection. There is a reflection of the perch in there that I later scrubbed out and when dry, I painted some cobalt into it. There is a very bright highlight next to the bird that I didn't wet in the beginning....keep that white.  After I initially did my wet into wet wash, I let it dry and deeper color where it needed it.  Then painted the rest in.

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