Friday, April 4, 2014

STILL LIFE continued....

Painted the brush handle with neutral tint.  Since the handle itself is black, it's ok to use black to paint it.  Sometimes watercolorists think you should never use black, but depending on the lighting situation, choosing black can be the right choice..  There is warm lighting in this painting and I chose to add yellow ochre dropped into the black handle.....I still need to warm it up a bit more.  I lifted the middle shine with a wet brush and blotting the excess off.  I could have used ivory black which is a warmer black .....but I couldn't find it!  So, adding a warm color solves that!  The watercolor pad has some interesting colors.  The green around the edges I painted with cobalt teal and ultramarine with azo yellow in the shaded areas and in the light areas I used the same colors but with more yellow in it.  The shaded area has more blue in it.  I will continue in another post.

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