Tuesday, May 13, 2014


You can get a really close look at the face this way.  The neck I did the same initial color as the face . Then added shadows with a deeper mix of raw sienna and perm. rose with some burnt sienna just under the chin.  Also made a little violet with the perm. rose and cobalt to add on the very left side of the neck  and the very right.   Same dark I used for the eyes and mouth, I used alongside the neck near the jacket.  Once the face and neck were almost done, I wanted to work down to the jack and shirt.  Then I went back and did the background and hair at the same time to incorporate the hair into the background.  This takes some forethought......always think about incorporating parts of your painting into other parts and think it out beforehand and how you are going to approach that the best.

The jacket is thalo blue diluted quite a bit.  The darker shadowed areas of the jacket like the creases and under the arms I added some raw sienna to it.  There are some pink and violet tones in it and I put some perm. rose in spots.  The same dark I used for the eyes, I used watered down in the dark shadowed areas like the dark between the cuff and the hand, parts of the zipper.

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