Thursday, December 1, 2016

Roses In A Pickle Jar

This became a class project by request, but I only have one picture of the painting in process and not a complete step-by-step. The colors for the roses are quinacridone rose, opera rose, winsor yellow, winsor red and a violet made with thalo blue and winsor yellow.

Some of the rose petals are warmer and some cooler.   The warmer ones I mixed the quin rose with winsor yellow.  The other cooler areas I used just quin. rose and/or opera rose.

You can see where i added winsor yellow to the pink areas to warm them up.  The leaves and stems are painted with sap green.  Again, where it is warmer I added winsor yellow and cooler I added ultramarine blue.  I used the sap green alone in many cases.  Sometimes I added thalo blue dropped in a few areas.

The black label is with neutral tint (black) and it is darker towards the top and I added quin. rose to the bottom portion with more water and lighter.

The green label is sap green.  I added winsor yellow in the middle portion and neutral tint (black) in the outer areas along the side.  I painted the label straight out and then later when dry, lifted out highlights.  After lifting out the highlights, when it dried, I gave it a glaze of thalo blue.

The shadow on the table is with ultramarine blue, quin rose and some sap green along the base of the jar.  I also added in some thalo blue with the ultramarine and dulled down the intensity of the blue with a little green.....not too much.

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