Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"The Glorious Gate"

The unfinished class project! Just ran out of time.....sorry class, but here it is for you to look at and finish! I'm expecting to see everyones when we come back for the new winter session.....(: I will post the progress, as I will be working on it as well....hopefully.
Colors for this painting:
Background: payn'es gray and quinacridone gold
Gate: Permanent rose and cobalt blue for the shadows and
glazed over with quinacridone gold.
Flowers: Cobalt blue and permanent rose .....added touches of
thalo blue.
Leaves: colbalt blue and winsor yellow, quinacridone gold
and paynes gray for the darker areas.
Rocks: (background rocks) yellow ochre at first, then glaze over
with cobalt blue and permanent rose.....deep shadow
areas: ultramarine blue and cadmium red. Glaze over
again with cobalt blue to make look shaded. Foreground
rocks have similar colors but no cobalt blue glazing since
are in the light.
Hope this helps...email me or put questions on the blog if you have any! Happy painting. A big snowstorm would help get you started right???

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