Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Mama's Boy"

I'm almost done with this painting for our class. For those who are doing this painting along with me and have to be absent, I will list the colors I have used.
Sky: Cerulean blue, Cadmium red, with a very light wash on lower horizon with Winsor Yellow.
Water: Cadmium red, cerulean blue, thalo blue, ultramarine blue, and then for the dark a mix of cadmium red and ultramarine blue. This wash must be laid in a few time to get the dark blue of the water.
Boat relection in water: Dark shadow - mix cadmium red and ultramarine blue for the violet and then mix that with some thalo blue...not too much. After that dries then scrub the edges to blur thenm a bit. After that dries, then lay a wash of yellow ochre mixed with cobalt blue over the whole thing being careful not to smear too much of the dark shadow into the other areas. The very dark shadow area under the boat I used payne's gray mixed with a little yellow ochre.
Boat: Do shadowed areas first with a mix of cerulean blue and alizarin crimson. Again, blur edges. Then add some winsor yellow around the edges of the shadow, being careful to save white areas. Touch in while wet some alizarin crimson and I also used permanent rose to some of the brighter areas. For the bottom of the boat there is a little blue green area that I used thalo blue and some yellow ochre with some darker spots with payn'es gray.
For the decking of the boat, it's mainly the same colors, being careful to save white areas. I used winsor yellow and alizarin and/or permanent rose in the redder areas. My photo I was working with has more pinks and violets in it.
Will give you more info when I'm done which should be very soon. Happy painting and if you have questions, you can email me....:)

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