Monday, September 24, 2012

Mary White Workshop - Cape Cod Creative Arts Center

I just got back from attending a Mary Whyte workshop in Cape was the best workshop I've ever been to as far as learning from and viewing  an amazing talent.  I can say I was very blessed to be there.  We had a great one on one time session and round table discussions as well as demonstrations.  We painted figures, still life and went out to do some plein air landscape painting also. We covered a lot of areas in 5 days which was very tiring for me, can't imagine how tiring it was for her.  She says she's not doing anymore 5 day workshops, so I'm so glad I got to be at her last one.  I bought her book "Working South" which is an absolutely beautiful book that not only has great stories that she so eloquently wrote, but the artwork that makes up the series is gorgeous.  She even signed my copy....:)  I'm a groupy now!  I plan on seeing the "Working South" Exhibition that is touring the southern states in Newport News, VA next is the info:

April 6–July 7, 2013
Penninsula Fine Arts Center
Newport News, Virginia

This is the last part of the tour, so if you want to see these paintings, and I suggest you do, then make sure you catch it here.....I know I will.  I also suggest you buy her books....they are wonderful.  I can't say enough good things about her, between her faith, her work and her accomplishments, she's someone I'm proud to call a mentor.

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