Friday, October 12, 2012


It's class time again and we are doing grapes after my trip to Sonoma County California.  How luscious these grapes were and very inspiring.  I loved the different tones of blues with the inclusion of orange and pink.  Made me want to paint them and bring them to the class.  We worked with different thumbnail sketches posted below to determine the best way to plan our final painting.

It's so good to do thumbnail helps with having a more definite idea of where you want to go.  That doesn't necessarily mean you aren't going to change things along the way while you're painting but it does help with placement and value.  The thing about watercolor is that it has that unexpected quality and you should always leave room for creative additions that either happen on purpose or not!  That's the beauty of it.


  1. you've hit another one over the fence!! Amazing...

  2. Oh wow, I hope that I can make a decent effort. Yours is beautiful.