Monday, March 3, 2014

LILY OF THE NILE - Background

I began by masking out the stems and buds on the left side....anywhere that the background touches the flowers on the left.  Then wet on wet I painted the background.  Using sap green, ultramarine blue, winsor yellow for the main parts of the background.  I added orange sections with cadmium red and winsor yellow.  Most of these colors I dropped in on top of each other....not mixing on my palette.  I did mix sap green and ultramarine in places to get a dark, but also put in some of those color separately.  I also added an M. Graham color of cobalt teal in places.  After that was dry, I went over it in certain places again just to darken.  You don't have to re-wet the whole area....just parts you want to change.  After that was dry again, I actually removed some paint with a wet brush, scrubbing and blotting out those areas I wanted lighter and also with a rounder scrub brush, made little circle halos around.

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