Monday, March 3, 2014

LILY OF THE NILE - Stems and Buds

After being fairly happy with the background, I took off my masking fluid.  I can always go back and adjust my background afterwards.  I then started on the bud on the very top.  The colors I used for the buds are ultramarine blue, permanent rose, thalo blue, winsor yellow, and sap green.  I mixed the and perm. rose to get a bluish pink violet color.  By dropping in thalo blue in spots, it brightened it and gave some good highlights.....always study the photo for color nuances!  I then scrubbed out the center highlights and then added winsor yellow to them.  There is sap green toward the base of many of the buds.  It flows well into the stem. The stem has violet and pink highlights in it on top of a sap green base color.

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